planning and preparation service

planning and preparation service


Because we understand that children, teenagers and adults with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) often need additional preparation for change, and that this preparation differs from person to person,  we offer a pre-holiday service so that by the time your holiday comes, you and your children are relaxed (ish) and ready for your break in France.

Standard service
  • Additional photos of holiday gite and surroundings, including, where possible, individual photos of places, rooms and objects you need
  • A set of rebus symbols of words associated with your chosen property/holiday if required
  • A list of places of interest in the vicinity of your property, with contact links where possible
  • Links to websites of interest in relation your holiday and your holiday destination
  • A questionnaire for you to complete about your child’s specific requirements. Your property owner will then be able to prepare for your visit as thoroughly as possible, and we can tell you whether, for example, you can find Heinz baked beans nearby or will need to bring your own!
  • Provide cards explaining what ASD is in French
  • Online support. We commit to answering any questions you have as quickly, efficiently as possible, and in an honest way, no matter how unusual that question is.
Because everyone is different, we can also offer
  • Personalised social stories for your child
  • Preparation worksheets for your child to complete (and return for feedback if required)
  • MSN chat with your child about their holiday
  • Leaflets sent of specific places of interest to you
  • We can provide a full translation/interpretation service for you wherever necessary

To cover our costs, we charge £40 for the standard service, with a small additional cost if you require one of the additional services.

We may be able to offer you this service even if you booked a holiday not linked to happykidsholidays. Please contact emma@happykidsholidays.com for more information.

If there is something that isn’t mentioned here which you feel would help you better prepare for your holiday, please don’t hesitate to ask and we will do our best.

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