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Do you dream of a holiday in the sun where:

  • every member of your family is welcomed and there are no stares and no embarrassment?
  • the environment is safe and you have been made aware of any dangers?
  • you've had help planning and preparing for your holiday?
  • you have someone to turn to if there’s a problem?
  • you know your requests will be taken seriously, no matter how unusual they might be?

If the answer to any of the above questions is "yes" then happykidsholidays is for you.



about happykidsholidays


happykidsholidays is a non profit making association (lio 1901) aimed at supporting families with children and teenagers with Autistic Spectrum Disorders who want to come on holiday in France. We are registered with the French authorities, registration number W243002752.

The owners of all the properties or gites we feature have at least a basic understanding of ASD, Autism and Asperger Syndrome and are committed to trying to ensure your family has the best, most relaxing holiday possible, in surroundings that are suitable to your needs, and in a non-judgemental and supportive atmosphere.

We can help you prepare for your holiday in a way that is appropriate for you. For holidays in certain locations, we can provide support while you are here.

At all times, we promise that your questions will be listened to, taken seriously and answered honestly

For more information on happykidsholidays please spend some time browsing our website and property listings and download our information brochure.

click here to download our information brochure


  about Emma Ryland  

I was a teacher in UK from 1994 until I moved to Dordogne, France in 2006. I worked in mainstream and special primary and secondary schools, for the National Autistic Society, and for Sheffield LEA Autism service.  Many of the families I worked with never had a holiday, but they all had a huge need for a break. 

Once I became lucky enough to live in such a beautiful place, I decided to try and enable people to have the holidays they deserved, so I talked to some people who agreed with me and happykidsholidays was born.


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